Ne Ne Ne

By Anne Jonsson

Ne Ne Ne is a playful dance theatre exploration of a meadow in a forest.

There is a tea cup and a fish and an umbrella hanging from the trees, and underneath the trees there might be caterpillars and perhaps also even a bear.


Everything can be transformed in the Ne Ne Ne Forest and it’s all about joy and happiness!


A joint adventure

Ne Ne Ne started out as a co-production between ZebraDans (Sweden)

and the Cultural Company SangSang Maru (South Korea). A project that, in the middle of the process, and just weeks from the premiere, was interrupted

by the world wide coronavirus. Along the way we decided to separate and make two different versions of the show inspired by each other in the same meadow.


You can see SangSang Maru’s version of Ne Ne Ne here:


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Jonas Robin – Producer

+46 8 702 92 01