Dance performances for children & youth!


- About Trust and the Joy of Play

By Evelina Boström & Niklas Valenti

Photo: King Festival

A humorous and interactive performance that reminds us about the importance of play. They fall, they follow and perform an artful, almost acrobatic, dance show. Maybe we all start to dance!


Together with a multi musician live on stage they bring the audience along on a playful and magical journey. The performance is based on the fine art of contact improvisation.

Photo: Jonas Jörneberg



…”CloseEnough is a low-key, heartfelt, fun and confidently challenging dance performance. Together with the dancers and the musician we have a moment of physical wonder and gets surprised by our emotions and moods and we are accompanying all the movements with our own eyes and hands as we like.”…

Maina Arvas, DN

Foto: Jonas Jörneberg


Jonas Robin – Producer

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